Harsh Conditions Call for Heavy-Duty Clothing

When you are subjected to harsh outside elements, you want to have clothing that protects you from those elements. Your job may require you to be outdoors or you may simply be out for a recreational excursion. Whatever the reason, finding the right kind of clothing is essential.

The type of activity that you are engaged in, is going to guide the decision as to what type of protective clothing to buy. Conditions where you get soaked with rain or from being on a boat, will require waterproof gear. Cold weather is going to require that you cover more of your body. You want to find clothing that keeps you warm enough so as not to require putting on too many layers. Snowy conditions could generate the need to satisfy both waterproof clothes and keeping you warm.

Whatever the situation, seek out clothing that offers reliable protection. This could require help from someone who is knowledgeable about protective clothing. Trying to do this yourself without the proper knowledge could lead you to dangerous situations where you are outside and exposed due to faulty gear. Even the best gear however, can be subject to mishaps such as rips and tearing. If you plan on being outside for any extended periods, such as days or weeks, you may consider having secondary protective clothing.

You could be tempted to find your clothing at online auctions or discount stores. However, the quality of the clothing matters when it comes to your outdoor stays. You need to have the appropriate brands that can withstand the adverse conditions.

When faced with situations where you are outdoors for a while, preparing for the less harsh conditions is important as well. On days where the climate is mild, the heavy clothes are going to be uncomfortable. You want to have access to light-weight clothing that is durable.

You will need something to store whatever clothing you decide to take with you for when you switch out of your clothing. One great choice for this is a backpack. The backpack will also need to survive any of the harsh weather. Otherwise, your clothes could get wet and be less effective in protecting you.

Another consideration are your shoes and boots. This is one piece of outdoor gear that people often overlook. It can make you quite uncomfortable if they are not built to shelter your feet.

There are many details to consider when looking for outdoor gear. Get help from a store that deals with heavy-duty clothing in San Diego, visit this website.

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4 Great Ways to Find Tactical Gear at Surplus Stores

No matter what your needs for used tactical gear, consider finding it at a surplus store. There are great ways to shop at these stores in order to find what you are looking for, at prices that can put a smile on your face.

There are other places to find products you are seeking out. However, because surplus stores specialize in this type of gear, you are likely to find a greater selection of products and often at better prices. You also will find quality brands that may not be found elsewhere. You want to look for staff who are knowledgeable about surplus items. By definition, a surplus store contains items that governments had bought too much product, which means the best of the best as far as quality goes, all things being equal.

If the surplus store has a mailing list, make sure you sign up. They can alert you to specials they are running and they can give you tips on how to best use the gear that you buy. They can also alert you to any up-and-coming special events such as closeout sales and clearance items.

The more you learn about tactical gear, the better you will be at finding items that are right for your needs. The surplus store’s website may contain articles or a blog where they publish helpful information regarding gear or other tips. You may be thinking that the information in the mailing list will be the same as the articles or blogs but that is not always the case. If the company hasn’t yet established a mailing list, having the information available on the website may contain what you need to learn.

If the website does not yet have a mailing list, take a look at the product lines that the store offers and do some research about the brands shown. It will help knowing ahead of going to the store to be familiar with the brands as you can prepare better questions.

Start building a relationship with the staff at the surplus store. The more they know about what kinds of gear you are looking for, the more likely they will set items aside when they find them. You can also get insider information regarding news or information about certain brands or the industry itself. You will find yourself making new friends as a result.

Knowing that the surplus store has the best tactical gear, should give you the incentive to visit. The employees will be able to provide everything you need. Shop a surplus store in San Diego, visit this website.

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Improve Your Next Hunting Adventure

When you’re planning your next big hunting adventure, consider stepping up your game. There’s a lot available to hunters to improve the experience and the hunting technology that you grew up with has changed. Consider some of these enhancements for your next trip.

1.    Ballistic Reticles

There’s no need for you to take wind speed and direction into consideration anymore. When your rifle scope has ballistic reticles, it automatically calculates both of these factors and corrects for them. It also usually calculates holdover. All of this information is typically displayed in your scope and once all the calculations have been made, what you see is the holdover line on your target.This is usually accurate for long-range shooting and some estimate the target size as well. Some also give leads for a moving target.

2.    Aimpoint Sights

These offer an unobstructed view of your quarry that is usually always in focus. This takes away the need to worry about sight alignment. They also don’t limit how much you can see. You may find aimpoint sights that are designed for any type of lighting and weather. There are also usually different varieties so you can find one that fits your gun.

The next time you’re going out hunting, consider one of these enhancements. Either could help you step up your game. For more information on sport enhancement in San Diego, visit this website.

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3 Reasons to Consider Ballistic Goggles

Your eyes are crucial to the work that you do. However, if you don’t take steps to properly protect them, you may end up with injuries that impair your eyesight. Keeping your eyes safe can be as simple as using the right protective eyewear. Ballistic goggles keep your eyes safe on the job in three key ways.

1.    They Ward Off Flying Debris

Depending on the kind of work that you do, you may find that a lot of loose debris gets raised and tossed in different directions.Ordinarily, pebbles, fragments of dirt and the like aren’t too much of a problem. However, if you work in an environment in which these get tossed at high speeds, this debris can quickly become dangerous. Without eye protection, flying debris can hit your eyes and possibly cause an injury.

2.    They Keep Small Particles Out   

Ballistic goggles also keep smaller particles out your eyes. Some of these, such as dirt and dust, simply cause irritation. Others, though, may be more harmful. Sometimes glass particles and wood filings also get into your eyes. Particles such as these usually require medical attention.

3.    They Keep the Weather Out

Sometimes you find yourself working outdoors in less than ideal weather. In these circumstances, ballistic goggles are especially appreciated. They usually keep both rain and reflected light out of your eyes so that your focus remains on your job.

It’s so important to keep your eyes safe on the job and ballistic goggles are designed with your safety in mind. For more information about ballistic goggles in San Diego, visit this website.

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What to Look for in a Combat Knife

A combat or tactical knife is a knife that is designed solely for military use and for hand-to-hand combat. Now, a tactical blade is not a regular knife. There are important distinctions that every knife enthusiast or person interested in combat blades should be aware of.


One of the most important design factors in a combat knife is the ergonomics. This dictates how comfortable the knife is going to feel in your hand. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t be able to handle it under high stress situations. It should not pinch in your hands or feel unnatural when holding it. You should make sure that there are no finger grooves, as this will force your hands into a fixed position that may be uncomfortable.


The second most important factor is the material of the blade. Make sure that you do your research before making a purchase. There are a few things that you should look for:

•    Good quality stainless steel
•    Stabilized materials for handles that won’t absorb sweat or water
•    No natural materials (I.E. wood, ivory or bone)

Ultimately, you should do your share of research before investing in any knife. There are a lot of aspects to look for when choosing the best tactical knife. Check out this website for more information on combat blades in San Diego.

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